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Vinayaka Swamy is a Hindu god in a head of an elephant and a a protruding stomach. God Vinayaka is believed to be the first child of Shiva Parvati. For centuries there has been a belief among people in the myth that Lord Ganesha was created by God.

Goddesses Parvati, when Lord Shiva is not present.

Vinayaka has the power to eliminates any obstacles, evils and obstacles in the daily lives of followers. The majority of devotees begin their rituals and ceremonies by praying and honoring Vinayaka to help them get their work accomplished without obstacles and problems. Vinayaka is regarded as to be the “God of Beginnings.”

“Vinayaka Chavithi” is a celebration to commemorate Lord Vinayaka and his birth. The people bring Vinayaka idols and perform prayers at their homes for up to eleven days. On this day, various groups such as societies, colonies colony officials, trusts host massive ‘pandals’ to worship Lord Vinayaka in their particular surrounding.

Vinayaka Chavithi is an uplifting festival that is celebrated by old and young from different areas of the globe to attain wisdom prosperity, wealth as well as health and prosperity.

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